"The reason that Eliza Duncan is such a unique, extraordinary and effective mental health professional and communicator about issues related to mental illness, alcoholism, and substance use disorders is that Eliza is a unique, extraordinary and effective human being.

Eliza is direct and absolutely fearless when it comes to expressing keenly insightful perspectives drawn from her personal experiences--especially as these might relate to understanding and helping others. Although her mind, academic background, and lessons learned from life experience are first-rate and formidable, Eliza’s effectiveness as a clinician and communicator primarily stems from her capacity to perceive what other people in our professions miss and to communicate her insights in ways that they are both understandable and inspirational to her clients and audiences. When Eliza speaks, I always listen carefully and invariably see the world, others, and myself in important, constructive, new ways."

Stuart C. Yudofsky, M.D.
D.C. and Irene Ellwood Professor and Chairman
Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Baylor College of Medicine
Chairman, Department of Psychiatry
The Methodist Hospital

"Eliza Duncan, LCSW, is a counselor who possesses keen intelligence, fine instincts and a good heart. To go along with these attributes, she has obtained an excellent education in the field of Social Work. To find this combination of elements is fortunate. With some of them, one can be a good therapist but all of them can only be found in a great one."

"It is with great enthusiasm that I write a testimonial for Eliza Duncan. After 30 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist, it is such a relief to have such a strong, wise, kind person to refer my clients who have addiction issues to. Eliza is at the forefront of knowledge on addictions, always learning and reaching for the best treatments and enlarging her understanding of this complex issue. As a person who also volunteers her time with unbelievable generosity of spirit, our whole community benefits from her tireless efforts.

On a personal level, I have known Eliza for over 20 years, and have watched her change and grow and become a person even she never imagined she would become. In my family all the people with addiction problems are either dead or sober. She is an inspiration for all who seek reassurance that recovery is attainable."

Nan Hall Linke, M.A.


"When we can share - that is poetry in the prose of life."

Sigmund Freud, The Letters of Sigmund Freud

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